Choralbeat: A new beginning!
2013.11.20 09:59:28
Welcome to “Choralbeat”; the blog of the DeKalb Choral Guild of Atlanta Georgia. We are excited to have this new place to share with our community, sponsors, fans, members past and present, our love of choral music  and give you, our readers, an insider’s view of  who we are, where we’ve been, and where we’re going as a choir and organization.  
With our humble beginnings 36 years ago, with an 18 year old conductor (emeritus), and 17 year old accompanist (who is still with us); we have a deep history of dedicated singers whose mission is to add beauty and richness to the landscape of music in our community.  We want to share our passion for choral music and give you a behind the scenes look at the blood, sweat, and tears spent taking many voices to create one sound. 
We invite you to share in our journey for the 36th season of the DeKalb Choral Guild.  We encourage you to immerse yourselves not only in the great music we share but also the choral music scene throughout the Atlanta area. We will convey the artistry and power of choral music with guest writers, videos, stories from current and past members, and news and events about the happenings in the choral music world. 
 Please visit us again to learn more about DCG news and events and information about choirs through the Atlanta area.  You can like us on Facebook at DeKalb Choral Guild and Twitter under Choralbeat. 



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