Sample our latest offering:"I Will Be Earth"
2014.03.29 14:34:33

     As this 36th season of The DeKalb Choral Guild progresses, we are filled with a sense of anticipation. We have spent many weeks fashioning a sound that represents the cohesive vision of all of our individual efforts. Working together we produce an experience for each audience member to be deeply touched by, such that they are left wanting more. For those who are new to us, and especially those who have followed us loyally through these many seasons: we want you to have a lasting memory of one or more of the pieces we will sing for you this concert. We want some phrasing, a chord change, or a dramatic rythym personnally reverberate with your being.

     We believe that having a personal encounter with music enriches the lives of all parties involved. As we crafted the sounds of the Young Composers new music in our last concert, the synergy became clear. It is in the blending of all parties intentions that yields the collective reward in the final result; a wondrous expression of community.

     While the deepest joy for all who participate in this collaborative work is that end product is a singulaly joyous concert experience by the audience. We find happiness at every stage of the process. Each of us; whose time, efforts, and attention to detail at every level of the process, finds joy throughout the journey that enchants and delights our lives. 

    DCG provides a delicious blend of musical expriences to be appreciated like fine wine at the peak of it's flavor. Much like nuturing the grapes on the vines of different varieties (as notes are to songs); processing them, allowing them to come together in a unique new way. We serve them up to you. Come join us May 10th for the latest offrings from our vineyard; "I Will Be Earth"!



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