Be the Harmony You Want to See in the World by Mary Gowing
2016.08.19 19:13:28

Be the Harmony You Want to See in the World

Okay, I totally stole that, with a little modification, from Gandhi. He said be the change you want to see in the world. As the president of the Atlanta-area community chorus, The DeKalb Choral Guild, I have a tendency to think in musical terms. And with auditions for our group taking place this week and next harmony has been on my mind. The more I think about it the more I believe that there might be something to being the harmony as well as being the change in the world. Harmony, musically in a chorus, is a when different people sing different notes/pitches and yet when sung together they sound pleasing and like they are meant to be together. In life and culture we often use the term harmony as a metaphor for getting along well in social relationships and we often strive for this. I propose that by singing in a chorus in musical harmony the chorus and the individuals in it can also create more social harmony in the world. How, you ask? Because people who sing in choruses have the expectation and experience that both musical harmony and social harmony are possible, (at least within the chorus). This is because we learn this by our participation in a chorus. And this is because even musical harmony doesn’t happen without a lot of coordinated effort and a shared vision for a desired result. We come together as a chorus at the beginning of a season, many of us strangers, as new people join the group. We have to learn to know and trust one another as we learn the music in order to sing together as a single voice instead of many individual voices. We also know what else it takes to create harmony and the musical analogy transfers well into the social realm. It takes dedication, it takes work, it takes understanding the voices around you, it takes having good leadership, it takes understanding the leadership and speaking out when needed, it takes being willing to become part of a whole at the same time as being an individual voice, it takes trust and caring and even compassion. When we do all this successfully as in the DeKalb Choral Guild we then have a hope that it can happen at home, at work, in our cities, states, country and the world. So I invite everyone who enjoys singing to consider joining a chorus, civic or religious, and becoming the harmony to hope to see in the world! The DeKalb Choral Guild is holding auditions for all voice parts Monday August 22nd. Call to schedule your audition at 678-318-1362 and for more information go to:


Mary Gowing, DeKalb Choral Guild, president

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