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On Being a Compassionate Chorus By Mary Gowing, DeKalb Choral Guild, president
2015.07.15 20:48:06

Last year the DeKalb Choral Guild signed the Charter for Compassion and became one of the first of that organizatoin's many arts partners. The Charter itself is a beautifully written document laying out a committment to respecting all people. Ever since signing the Charter, we as an organization, have been ruminating on how we can run our organization with more compassion. At our annual meeting in May, Robert Johnson, from Compassionate Atlanta, came to us and facilitated a dynamic discussion about this. At our recent DCG board meeting we continued asking how we can be more compassionate: in board meeting, in rehearsals, in our relationships, in our programming, in our concerts... I, as DCG president, opened the meeting with a statement that I wrote about how I hope we can operate our organizational business in a compassionate way. The following is what I presented to the board.


Being the Compassionate Chorus

In planning, dreaming, discussing the business of the DCG; in rehearsing, studying and singing music of the DCG, in taking tickets, performing and welcoming guests to the DCG; in giving of ourselves in myriad ways to the DCG let us always be mindful that it takes intention to have and express compassion for one another, our community and the world.


To be the compassionate chorus, we need to continue to create and maintain a culture of mutual respect and trust. To do this we need to be free to express ourselves without fear of punishment and repudiation; we need the space to experiment, to try, to fail and to try again; and we all need to be valued for the unique people we are and for our contributions we bring to the DCG.


I hope that in all aspects of our DCG dealings we can continue to nurture this compassionate culture and when anyone of us fails, as we, being human, will do, that we respond with understanding, knowing that we, each of us, have our own failings and shortcomings, and that we can accept our imperfection while still moving forward with a continued sense of shared purpose. MG


Atlanta has signed the charter and so has Decatur. Avondale hasn't yet. Is it making a difference? It has to the DeKalb Choral Guild.


This August the DCG is holding auditions for all voice parts: Seeking Compassionate Singers to share in excellent and  innovative musical experiences that enrich our community and ourselves. Call for an audition appointment. 678-318-1362. Auditions will be held on Mondays Aug 17th and 24th.



Charter for Compassion:

The principle of compassion lies at the heart of all religious, ethical and spiritual traditions, calling us always to treat all others as we wish to be treated ourselves. Compassion impels us to work tirelessly to alleviate the suffering of our fellow creatures, to dethrone ourselves from the centre of our world and put another there, and to honour the inviolable sanctity of every single human being, treating everybody, without exception, with absolute justice, equity and respect. 

It is also necessary in both public and private life to refrain consistently and empathically from inflicting pain. To act or speak violently out of spite, chauvinism, or self-interest, to impoverish, exploit or deny basic rights to anybody, and to incite hatred by denigrating others—even our enemies—is a denial of our common humanity. We acknowledge that we have failed to live compassionately and that some have even increased the sum of human misery in the name of religion.

We therefore call upon all men and women to restore compassion to the centre of morality and religion ~ to return to the ancient principle that any interpretation of scripture that breeds violence, hatred or disdain is illegitimate ~ to ensure that youth are given accurate and respectful information about other traditions, religions and cultures ~ to encourage a positive appreciation of cultural and religious diversity ~ to cultivate an informed empathy with the suffering of all human beings—even those regarded as enemies.

We urgently need to make compassion a clear, luminous and dynamic force in our polarized world. Rooted in a principled determination to transcend selfishness, compassion can break down political, dogmatic, ideological and religious boundaries. Born of our deep interdependence, compassion is essential to human relationships and to a fulfilled humanity. It is the path to enlightenment, and indispensable to the creation of a just economy and a peaceful global community.

If you would like to officail sign the charter as an individual or as an organization click here


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