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Hope, Peace, Joy and Love--a Holiday message from DCG president Mary Gowing
2015.12.15 23:23:25

Okay, take at least 3 big deep breaths. This season of time between Thanksgiving and New Year can get a bit hectic and crazy. So first off, take some big breaths.  Really, while you are reading this, start your deep breathing. You'll feel more relaxed just by letting in more air. It's something we in the choral biz know, and partly why singing feels so good. Are you still doing your breathing? Good, keep going while I wish you 4 things:

The first thing I wish you is Hope. I wish you the kind of Hope that sings in the midst of war and conflict as expressed in the song Prayer of the Children by Kurt Bestor which we sang last January in our Et in Terra Pax concert.You can listen to it here: https://soundcloud.com/mary-gowing-1/prayerofthechildrendcg/s-Wswv6. Whether that confict is international in scope,  in your community, in your family or in your own spirit I wish you the Hope that knows that there will be a better day.

Still taking those relaxing breaths? Good. The second wish I have for you is Peace. The kind of peace that a mother wishes and bestows on her chiild while holding her in her arms and singing her a lullaby. This wish for peace is expressed well by Iraqi Peace Song by Lori Tennenhouse which the DCG women and I sang in 2010. https://soundcloud.com/mary-gowing-1/iraqi-peace-song/s-Svffu. I wish you the kind of peace in that lullaby: of knowing you are loved and knowing you have a place in the world. Just deep breathing can help initiate a peaceful feeling. Try it when you aren't reading blogs and emails, perhaps in the maestrom of holiday chaos. 

Thirdly, I wish you Joy. The kind of joy I feel when singing with the DCG. I wish for you to be able to follow what you are passionate about and to be able to share your interests with others and inspire them to pursue their own Joy. I wish you the Joy that comes from being in the zone of relaxed focus while occupied in a meaningful endeavor. An example of this joy for me is singing Mozart's Missa Brevis with my favorite chorus, in particular the Gloria section. https://soundcloud.com/mary-gowing-1/missa-brevis-gloria. What joyful music that is. I wish you that!

Lastly, I wish you Love. Not so much the romantic kind, though if that is what you are interested in I wish you that too. I wish the kind that is within you and that is compassionate and patient and seeks the kindest way.I wish you a loving heart that is curious and open to other people, no matter how different, difficult or unlovable they are presently. I wish you a love that grows and radiates to others. I wish you a love that is action oriented because you feel kinship with the universe,  as in the song We Are that the DCG sang at Sure Stars Shining concert in 2014:https://soundcloud.com/mary-gowing-1/we-are-1/s-ic2uJ.

I wish you and the whole world Hope, Peace, Joy and Love this holiday. And I wish for you the relaxation that comes from lots a deep breaths whether while singing, meditating, or while not blowing up at Aunt Edna for whatever she just did that managed to push just the right buttons but somehow you did some deep breaths and the urge to garrote her passed.

Happy Holidays!

Mary Gowing

DeKalb Choral Guild, president

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