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Yearly donations to our organization on or around "Giving Tuesday" (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving every year) are a great way to help us and to join the global movement of giving. Of course, you don't have to wait until Giving Tuesday to give, you can donate anytime, just click the donate now button.

Thank you.

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Top 10 reasons to give to the DCG on Giving Tuesday


10. The DeKalb Choral Guild does even more than providing its singers a place to sing with other excellent singers under professional musical leadership. The DCG focuses its concerts on the community and to bringing an enriching experience to its audience.


9. This commitment to community means that we keep our ticket prices affordable ($5 per ticket or less)


8. We provide clear and helpful program notes


7. We host after-concert receptions to encourage conversation


6. We offer relevant concert programs that speak to today’s world


5. We gather monthly for a “Sing-a-long with the DeKalb Choral Guild” at a local respite care facility. See why this is an important community outreach at:


4. The DeKalb Choral Guild needs your help with the costs that we cannot cover by our own board member and singers’ gifts to the organization, our grants (including matching grants), sponsorships and concert ticket income. 


3. Your gift could help pay for commissioning of a new piece of music that could become a legacy of our chorus long into the future.


2. Your gift will help pay for an orchestra for a performance of a major work next season. 


1. We are asking that you give on or near #GivingTuesday (December 3, 2019) because we want to support this grassroots movement that encourages everyone in the world to Give to charitable organizations as part of our commitment to helping create more compassion in the world (The DCG is an Arts partner of the Charter for Compassion).


Your gift will matter to us.


Here are some examples of how your gift can help the DeKalb Choral Guild, Inc.


A gift of $15 = half our yearly corporation fee as a Georgia nonprofit organization [501(c)(3)]


A gift of $25 = half a night of rehearsal space rental


A gift of $30 = a month of website/internet costs


A gift of $50 =  yearly P.O. box rental


A gift of $75 =  reception space rental for one concert


A gift of $125 = printed concert programs for one concert


A gift of $150 = 50 copies of a choral song (which adds to our Choral Library)


A gift of $200 = rental of the concert venue for one concert


A gift of $250 = an instrumentalist for a major work with orchestra


A gift of $300 = fee for sound engineer to create archival recording of one concert


A gift of $400 = an instrumentalist with a heavy instrument (yes, they get paid more)


A gift of $450= required yearly insurance


A gift of $500 = yearly music licensing fees for performing copyrighted works



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